Benchmark: LaCie Rugged Mini 1TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive

Hello again my little Nerdlets! For this post, your friendly neighborhood BlindGeek is posting the benchmark results for my newly acquired LaCie Rugged Mini 1TB USB 3.0 hard drive.

In many ways, this rather rubbery little guy outperformed the flash-based Kingston Data Traveler I benchmarked earlier, but it seriously failed in one major way…
Upon unpacking and plugging this guy in to an available USB 3.0 port on my desktop, I was prompted with not one, but three (yes, 3!) autoplay prompts; one for the autorun.inf file in the root of the available drivespace, one for a reserved partition of some sort, and a third for the actual available drivespace.

Holy fucking overkill Batman!
What the hell do the devs over at LaCie think? Do you honestly believe that the average user is going to want to do either of the available options:
1. Follow through with LaCie’s completely retarded formatting and lose approx 20% of their disk space or
2. Go through the hassle of deleting all of their stupid partitions and repartitioning the raw volume?
Just for the record, yours truly went with the second option, as no uppity hardware vendor is gonna tell me that my 1TB drive is gonna give me any less then 925GB after overhead goddammit!

All of that ranting out of the way, the drive is a pretty decent performer. Check out the benchmark results below for the breakdown.

CrystalDiskMark 4.0.3 x64

Crystal Dew World

  • MB/sec = 1,000,000 bytes/sec

  • Sequential Read: 116.857MB/sec

  • Sequential Write: 117.099MB/sec
  • Random Read 4KB: 0.536MB/sec (130.9 IOPS)
  • Random Write 4KB: 1.066MB/sec (260.3 IOPS)
  • Sequential Read: 116.615MB/sec
  • Sequential Write: 114.452MB/sec
  • Random Read 4KB: 0.450MB/sec (109.9 IOPS)
  • Random Write 4KB: 1.103MB/sec (269.3 IOPS)

Test: 1024MB [G: 0.0% (0.0/931.5GB)] (x1)

  • Date: 2015/05/20 18:35:00
  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 [6.1 Build 7601] (x64)

Benchmark: Kingston DataTraveler USB 3.0 64GB FlashDrive

Ok Twitches, I just added a Kingston DataTraveler 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive to my geek arsenal. Below are the stats from my benchmarking of this nice little drive.

CrystalDiskMark 4.0.3 x64

Crystal Dew World

  • MB/sec = 1,000,000 bytes/sec

  • Sequential Read: 108.297MB/sec

  • Sequential Write: 51.699MB/sec
  • Random Read 4KB: 14.763MB/sec (3604.2 IOPS)
  • Random Write 4KB: 0.009MB/sec (2.2 IOPS)
  • Sequential Read: 94.576MB/sec
  • Sequential Write: 9.857MB/sec
  • Random Read 4KB: 7.464MB/sec (1822.3 IOPS)
  • Random Write 4KB: 0.009MB/sec (2.2 IOPS)

Test: 1024MB [G: 0.0% (0.0/58. GB)] (x1)

  • Date: 2015/05/20 12:48:00
  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 [6.1 Build 7601] (x64)

FireFox & NVDASR Being Sluggish? Here’s the Fix:

Ok my little nerdlets, if you, like me, rely on the hitherto awesome combination of NVDA and FireFox, you’ve no doubt noticed a few lag/loss of control issues when using our favorite combination of screen reader and browser. Have no fear, @BlindSarcasm is here!

Since the release of Firefox 37, I’ve noticed some issues with
keyboard responsiveness with NVDA. Among them were the following issues:

  • When typing echo is enabled, some Websites present more of a delay in voicing what was typed.
    Cursor keys are very slow to respond when playing HTML5 Youtube videos.
    On some pages, pressing an arrow key or a quick navigation key works but sometimes the cursor is returned to its previous position.
  • I discovered that disabling hardware acceleration seems to have solved these issues and Firefox seems to be back to normal. I never had to do this prior to the 37 release. Until this issue is resolved, disabling hardware acceleration may speed up Firefox’s performance for those who are experiencing performance issues.

    Here is how to do it:

      Press alt-T to go into the Tools menu.
      Press O to open the options dialog.
      Arrow down to the category called “advanced.”
      Ensure that you are in the General tab of the Advanced section.
      Press the tab key to move to the “use hardware acceleration” checkbox and press the spacebar to uncheck this item.
      Press enter to activate the OK button and close the dialog.

    I don’t know if it is necessary to restart Firefox but doing so never hurts.

    Hopefully, the tickets filed on this issue will see it resolved sooner rather than later, but until then, this workaround seems to be effective and not overly detrimental in any other way.


    Help Me Choose A Major League Baseball Team…

    Duck season! Wabbit season! Duck season! Wabbit season!

    Wait, it’s baseball season!

    Ok Twitches, I want you to help me choose which MLB team I’m gonna root for this year. I don’t normally follow baseball all that closely, but since I’ve decided to follow a little closer this year, I decided to let you Twitches help me choose which team to cheer on during the 2015 MLB season.

    I have pared the choices down to the Baltimore Orioles, the Florida Marlins, or the Colorado Rockies.

    Cast your vote in the poll below and stay tuned for the results!

    Which of the following Major League Baseball teams should I cheer on this season?

    View Results

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    Social Security Disability: Don’t Count On It…

    I just wanted to post a quick video here from one of our Wyoming Senators, Mike Enzi, discussing the sorry state of our SSDI program.

    If you’re not concerned by this, there’s something fundamentally wrong with you…

    There, like I said, be afraid. Don’t just be afraid however, get out there and do something! Call your Congressperson. Let them know you’re outraged and make sure you let them know in no uncertain words that you want them to do their part to fix this unacceptable condition.

    *Steps down from soapbox* For now… 😀


    #HowTo: Vanquish The Ribbon In Windows 8.1!

    It’s annoying, counter-intuitive, and just plain stupid!

    No, I’m not referring to Barack Obama, though I dearly wish he was as easy to get rid of… I’m talking about the Windows Explorer Ribbon in Windows 8.1!

    This little pain in the ass has been the bane of every Windows 8 user with an IQ at least equalling their shoe size since its inception! But no longer!

    Here’s what you do to exile this little bit of ass-hattery:

    1. Download this little file and unzip it somewhere you’ll be able to find it.
    2. Actually *read* the “readme.txt” file contained therein. (Novel concept, right?)
    3. Run the “OldNewExplorerCfg.exe” file.
    4. Set the appropriate variables.
    5. Click “Install” and say “Yes” to the two Windows Security prompts that will appear.
    6. Close all open Windows Explorer windows and BOOM! there you go!

    That’s it Twitches! I didn’t write the program, but feel free to hit me up via the usual venues with any questions and I’ll try to answer them. 😀


    Happy Sunday Twitches…

    I just wanted to drop a quick post to detail a few security changes I’m implementing here at The Blind Geek.

    Going forward, there will be a new process for registering as a user of this site. Anyone will continue to be able to view the content in all its glory, but to register to be able to post comments or become a contributor, you will have to use the following process:

      Send me an email at or hit me up on Twitter at @BlindSarcasm.
      Tell me briefly what your request is.
      If approved, I will reply asking for your requested login details.

    That’s pretty much it folks. Feel free to hit me up using either methods detailed above with any questions, comments or concerns.

    Thanks! 😀


    The Crickets, They Are A Chirpin’…

    Ok Twitches, I realize I haven’t posted anything here in a while…

    I need your help here, oh valiant and valued reader…

    What kinds of issues, apps, services and other types of things would you like to see me tackle?

    Gather your thoughts and hit me up on Twitter at @BlindSarcasm or you can even drop me a message on, yuck, Facebook or email me at

    However you do it, just do it as our friends at Nike keep reminding us. Now where’s my damn endorsement check? :p


    The Hypocrisy of Religion…

    Ok Twitches… As a general rule, I try to keep from writing posts that have anything to do with either my political or religious beliefs. However, the sermon, and it’s underlying message, that I experienced this past Sunday has forced my hand and thus you are being treated to this fairly ranty post.

    First, a little background on my beliefs…

    I was raised as a good Southern Baptist boy in a regular, church-going family. When I went to live with my sister after my mother’s death when I was 14, I strayed from my religious upbringing and adopted what I later came to call Apathesim. Basically, this meant that while I believed and acknowledged that there was a God, I just didn’t really care. It wasn’t until many years later, after the birth of my eldest daughter Aeryn, that I renewed my relationship with God and returned to the Church. Since that time, I’ve bounced around a few different churches, mainly due to physically moving, but I’ve never truly found a church that preached a message that I found myself agreeing with wholeheartedly.

    As I stated above, I firmly believe in my God. I am restating this belief at this point merely as an important precursor to what I am about to say…

    I, for the most part, am a Christian that, for the most part, cannot stand other Christians…

    Now, I realize that this makes no sense to most of you and has probably pissed off the rest of you who, like me, believe themselves to be Christians. I feel this way because I see way too many “Christians” preaching what can only be seen as hate and intolerance of other religious beliefs. Is this not the kind of dark ages mentality that led us into the crusades? The idea that belief in our God somehow requires us to belittle, persecute and attempt to obliterate other belief systems is so narrow minded that it boggles the mind. If someone wants to believe in Allah, Buddha, Odin, or whichever other deity they choose, that is their choice and no other person or group has the right to deny them that right. Not in this country at least…

    Now that we’ve covered the basics of my beliefs, we can get on to what inspired this little tirade…

    Last Sunday, the sermon at the church I am attending was centered around what I am calling the perfection of Christianity. Now, as we all know, no religion is perfect, least of all Christianity. Our track record over the centuries is way too stacked with persecution, torture, abuse and yes, even murder to be called anything near “perfect”. The pastor went on at length, quoting various Old Testament verses, detailing how other religions could make a “god” out of anything, be it fire, wood, gold, or any other substance they happened to have handy. He even specifically poked fun at the Hawaiian belief in Pele, their God of volcanoes. As I was sitting there listening, it occured to me to wonder if there was a church somewhere in Hawaii where the pastor was poking fun at that “Christ” myth and how he had to look funny hanging there with those nails and stuff… This made me pay closer attention to the message lying under the surface. It also made me aware of just how hypocritical the basic “Christian” message of “peace to everyone unless they disagree with us” is. Are we really so unevolved in 2014 that we still need to take verbatim a book that was written 3,500 years ago? Have we not yet come to terms with the fact that the world predates the first humans by billions of years? Can we not come to terms with the fact that the Bible was written by men that, due to their almost complete lack of knowledge of how the universe really works, had to express what they experienced in the only way that made sense to them at that time? If so, I truly fear for the future of Christianity.

    So, until God deigns to email us down an updated Holy Manuscript, we need to drag our asses out of the moldy, tired doctrines and self-serving translations of the Bible and get with the times. Let everyone believe what they want to believe, worship whomever they want to worship, and get over ourselves.

    While I originally intended this post merely as an avenue for me to get this irritation of my chest, I seriously hope that it may serve as a wake-up call to other Christians that we need to step back and take a serious look at what we are teaching our children here in the 21st century. We need to decide if this message of hate and intolerance is really the religious legacy we want to leave behind. I fear, however, all I’ve done here is to have alienated some friends and acquaintances and perhaps lost some friends as well. If true, this saddens me greatly, but I cannot, and will not lie to myself or others about what I believe.

    In closing, I would like to quote an awesome t-shirt that I saw many years ago… “Dear Lord, Please Save Me From Your Followers!

    Thanks for reading! Please direct your comments, hate mail and death threats to me over on Twitter.

    Peace, and I really do mean that…


    HowTo: Post to the WordPress iOS App via Dropbox Using LaunchCenterPro:

    Welcome to what very may well be one of the first of many in an ongoing series of posts where I share some of the more useful, (and successful), actions I have written for the iOS apps Launch Center Pro and Drafts4.

    In this, um, should I call these issues? Anyway, in this issue, I’ll share my LCP (Launch Center Pro), action for using the text of a document stored in Dropbox as the text of a new blog post in the WordPress for iOS app.

    This action can be built in its most straightforward version using the integrated Composer within LCP, but the way I’ve built it adds not only the Dropbox functionality, but also a couple of other interesting, if minimal, tweaks not natively available in the composer’s actions.

    Take a quick look at the syntax of the action below, and then we’ll briefly discuss how it works…

    wordpress://newpost?title=[prompt:Title]&tags=[prompt:Seperate Tags With Commas]&content=[dropbox-text:Documents/Blog Posts]&lc-icon=wordpress

    Now, I’m going to assume that if you’re here reading this, you have at least the most basic knowledge of LCP’s URL scheme, so I’ll only explain what I’ve done to modify the URL created by the LCP Composer.

    By default, the LCP Composer gives you 3 fields in which to type your post’s Title, Tags, and Content. What I’ve done with the [prompt:…] entries is to open a dialog each time the action is run instead of always using a static entry for each field. Furthermore, in the content field, I’ve not only used the Dropbox prompt, which prompts the user to select a file from their Dropbox, but I’ve further modified it to look directly in the folder where I keep the text file versions of all of my blog posts. And yes, I do write all of my posts in Notepad before migrating them into my blog. I’ve also modified the Dropbox prompt from the normal: [dropbox] to a more blog-friendly:[dropbox-text], which inserts the actual text within the selected file into the content area of the post instead of merely inserting a download link to the file.

    Finally, you’ve probably noticed the: “&lc-icon=wordpress” at the very end after the last bracket. All this neat little snippet does is to force LCP to use the default WordPress icon as the icon for this action.

    There you have it Twitches, just copy and paste that action URL into a new LCP action, change the dropbox directory to wherever within Dropbox you keep your text posts and Boom! you’re good to go.

    Hit me up on Twitter if you have any comments, questions or suggestions. 😀